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So today  is the big day. I’ve had a one way ticket to Southeast Asia burning a hole in my pocket for four months and I’m finally taking off. I’ll be heading to the airport in about an hour and boarding a plane to Bali to meet up with my friends, Alan and Dylan. Well, actually I’ll be boarding a plane to Qatar and then a plane to Bali…but, anyway…

What do you pack for months of travel?  Southeast Asia is hot and humid so lightweight, breathable clothing is the way to go. Towards the end of the year I’ll be in Greece and Israel where it will be a little cooler by then, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

So this is what I wound up with:

the clothes
: the clothes

What I packed for clothes:

4 tank tops

2 short sleeve shirts

1 sheer, lightweight button-down

1 light sweater

1 zip-up hoodie (good for planes and cold bus rides)

3 pairs fabric shorts

1 pair denim shorts

1 pair athletic shorts

1 pair lightweight fabric  pants

1 romper

1 maxi skirt

1 dress

3 bikinis

1 surf top

about a weeks worth of underwear

2 pairs of socks

lightweight scarf

The Shoes:

1 pair flip flops

1 pair tevas

1 pair sneakers (I replaced these with light hiking shoes)

1 pair rock climbing shoes (plus Dylan and Alan’s climbing shoes)

the gear
the gear

Other Stuff (the gear):

one person tent (we plan on doing some camping)

dry bag (for electronics)

travel journal and sketch pad




passport (duh)

toiletries: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, hand sanitizer, tissues, deodorant

medications: Tylenol/motrin, probiotics (to help prevent shitting my pants), Imodium (to help stop shitting my pants), nasal decongestant (for my month long cold), and an immune support supplement

other: sunscreen, bug spray (30 DEET for skin, 100 DEET for clothes)


quick dry towel


I’m sure there are a few more little items, but for the most part that’s it- all packed into a 40L backpack (with room to spare) and a daypack and purse to carry on the plane

Behold! :


final product
final product

For effect: the before and after



And that’s about it.  I know I over packed slightly on the clothes but I still have extra space in my pack so I’m not that worried about it.  My rule was that if I wasn’t positive about a clothing item I have to be okay with throwing it out if I’m not getting any use out of it.

The next post will be coming from out of the U.S.!! NY –> Qatar –> Bali

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