Kuta: Getting robbed, volcano eruptions, and the importance of travel insurance

After Amed, we rode back to Ubud to return our motorbikes and then took a taxi out to Kuta.

Kuta is a beach town in southern Bali known for surfing and partying (mostly partying). The guys had been before and didn’t have too much interest in going again but I had never been so I figured I’d see what all the hype was about.

Kuta beach
Kuta beach

Kuta was an absolute shit show. And not in the “last night was crazy” shit show. Yes, the night we went out to the clubs was fun and a little crazy but it was all downhill from there.

First bump in the road: I was at the beach after the club and had my purse stolen. My international phone gone, both my travel credit and debit card gone.

Not the best way to end the first week of a 5 month or so long trip. That’s where travel insurance comes in.

We all got World Nomads travel insurance before leaving just in case something were to happen but never thinking anything would. Little did we know how much we would use it in a 24 hour period.

Once I figured out how I’m going to get a new SIM card and new cards to me, I didn’t really care that I lost all my shit. Yea, it sucks that I got a new iphone that I had for less than a month stolen but it’s really not a huge deal. I have my old phone with me that I can use with wifi until I can get a replacement and my travel insurance will pay for the stolen phone.

Shit like this happens and that’s why I have travel insurance.

After I sorted out (for the most part) how to get a new debit card sent to me by the time I reach Thailand and how I’m getting a new credit card and SIM card to me, the next bump in the road hit.

A volcano in Java started throwing a hissy fit and erupted, spewing ash into the air, so our flight to Malaysia got canceled. We were supposed to fly to Malaysia then take a train to Singapore but the airport in Denpasar was completely shut down. So there we were “stranded” in Kuta (not the worst place for this to happen to say the least).

We were couldn’t get through to Air Asia to get our flight directly rescheduled or refunded so we went ahead eating the cost and booked a direct flight to Singapore for the next day hoping the volcano would behave itself for the next 24 hours.

We called our travel insurance company to see what they would cover for something like this and they were going to cover our canceled flight, the train we missed, the new flight we booked, and they were giving us up to $100 per day delayed per person to cover our accommodation and food expenses. What!

In Bali $100 gets you pretty far so instead of getting another night at our hostel we booked a nice hotel for the night and balled out a little bit the next day. Not bad for our new itinerary only getting us to Singapore 12 hours after we expected.

Alan and Dylan at the pool
Alan and Dylan at the pool

Our hotel had a swim up bar so, naturally, we spent pretty much all day at the hotel pool (minus me taking a trip to file a police report for my stolen goods).

Between rooms, food and drinks we spent $302 USD, maxing out our allotment at virtually no cost to us.

Moral of the story: get travel insurance

Next stop: Singapore

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